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We can only achieve our goals through collaboration and partnership.  We believe in creating partnerships with like-minded Government Agencies, Corporates, Non-Profits, other Sponsors and Volunteers to accelerate our vision to reach every child in South Africa.

In order to make inclusive, equitable education a reality, we also provide training for teachers, through our partners in order to ensure efficient use of the distributed curriculum. We believe every teacher deserves access to world class curriculum and training, which will enable them to use the curriculum effectively.

We also provide educational toys, psycho-social support and play therapy to ensure that our children are able to learn. ​​To learn more about why: watch this interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jay Shetty, and Dr. Perry.

Time-poor teachers need the very best support to ensure reading success for all students. After working with teachers for many years, I know that teachers need more support today than ever before due to the pressures and challenges of today’s classrooms.


Key Links is a solution to this problem. It provides teachers with explicit guidance on every page, in every book. It is a complete toolbox for the teaching of reading. Key Links develops thinking readers!

Jill Eggleton
Founder of Key Links

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